Kanha is passionate about the Cannabis Industry.

Kanha is the simplest and most powerful dispensary software for Cannabis on the market. Now accepting major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.


Alabama A&M University officially uses Kanha Software

Dr. Ernst Cebert (pictured left) is one of the world’s top scientists in cannabis research. He has adopted Kanha Software to power their cannabis work at Alabama A&M University. This will be a complete game changer for Alabama A&M University and their research partners.

Kanha is helping businesses, Universities, and State level governments with robust solutions. Everything from Track and Trace, to research, to POS solutions, our software can and will help you.

Kanha Software Testimonials

‘Kanha software is like an Insta-Pot, you’ll never understand all of it’s features, but it is simple to use and makes life easier.’

Kelly Young - CEO, Torch Cannabis Co

“I’m dumbstruck, Kanha Software is magnificent. I was sold in the first 3 minutes”

Adriaan du Plessis - CMO and founder, Afri Grow

‘I appreciate Kanha’s ability to tailor the software to fit our needs. It’s critical to work with a company whose software grows with us.’

Chris Weidlich - General Manager, Torch Cannabis Co

Kanha is a game changer in the cannabis industry. Dispensaries that use the Kanha Software make it easy to purchase Kran Organics edibles online via the dispensaries online ordering.

Alex Kranzberg - CEO, Kran Organics

Kanha takes the time responding to all our questions and requirements, it’s been nothing short of brilliant.

Tony Saw - General Manager, Spring Sciences Australia

We Equip Cannabis Leaders With Strategy and Tools

Kanha offers a white glove service. Meaning we handle the migration to our Dispensary software and all the training for your team.

If your Dispensary staff or Budtenders need help we are here for you. Even if you want a new feature we will design and build it for you.

Automate everything in your dispensary. Stop worrying and wasting time on software and reporting. Allow Kanha to do all the heavy lifting.

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Week Conversion

Kanha converts all your Dispensaries and system within 2 weeks.


Ranked Software

Kanha is ranked the top Dispensary software. We are the leading developers in the Cannabis Industry.


To Accept Credit Cards

Kanha is the first and only Dispensary software to allow for Credit Card processing.

We boost our clients to get more sales

Spend less time and money on Dispensary software.

Spend more time with your customers and doing what you love. We built Kanha Dispensary for you to save time and earn more. 

Painless to set up and use. Robust inventory management, purchasing systems, and analytics. Automated track and trace to keep your business state compliant. Seamless integration with the software you already use.

Kanha Dispensary was built for the Cannabis Industry.

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Kanha Is A True Partner

We’re here for you every step of the way. If you need help or have a question reach out!

Kanha Is Always Improving

We actually listen to your feedback. If you have a request or idea please let us know. Our entire team is made of innovators.