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Cannabis management from Clone to Customer

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Accept all major credit cards along with Apple Pay and Google Pay for the first time in the cannabis industry. Kanha eliminates the cash liability and the need for large, frequent cash deposits. Process all payment methods securely, safely, and simply all with one software solution.

Realtime delivery tracking and updates for customers and management keeps Kanha Dispensary state of the art. Our state of the art delivery system has innovative safety features protecting your employees and product. Kanha has partnered with Google in order to become the leader of all Cannabis delivery systems. 

Kanha is completely intuitive and easy to learn for everyone. We integrate seamlessly with the point-of-sale hardware you already have. Whether you use an iPad, Mac, PC, tablet, desktop, or iOS, Kanha dispensary software has you covered.

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Intuitively designed in-depth analytics and extreme capabilities

Full Compliance

Kanha ensures seamless state compliance through every step. From seed-to-sale, Kanha ensures product is properly tracked, traced, and legal.

Full Integration

Kanha is built from the ground up to work with all other industry systems. Syncs seamlessly with Metrc, Hypur and other state systems.

Data When You Need It

Sales data, employee data, and inventory data are always complete and accessible. No more misplaced product or inventory audits. Kanha interprets your data so you can take action.

Budtender Features

Kanha lets budtenders focus on the customers

Customer Features

Give your customers the experience they deserve