Come for the cannabis, not the line

Customer Features

Streamline check-in and checkout for the best customer experience

Increase Brand Awareness

Positive Customer experience equals higher customer retention

No more waiting in long lines to check in or register. Kanha gets customers in the door with instant mobile ID scanning and allows the customer to self-service add to their shopping cart via online catalog and QR code scanning from their smartphone.

Only let in approved customers – no more minors or expired documents to hassle with. Kanha incorporates instant ID verification to ensure store and customer safety and compliance.

Easy and accessible notes let budtenders care for their customers. Kanha remembers past purchases, so customers will never forget the gummies they loved last time.

Kanha CMS

We are ready for you

Kanha Dispensary Does It All!

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

Customer Focused Software

Kanha puts the process in the hands of the customer

Rewards and Deals

Loyalty points, saved deals, and rewards are all simply saved and displayed in customer profiles. Seamlessly sync deals across multiple stores. (Scheduled 3Q 2022)

Reduced Waiting

Kanha reduces waiting times for customers to focus on the cannabis. With mobile ID scanning, verification, and ordering, customers can spend as much or as little time as they want in store.

Credit Card Processing

The first and only cannabis point-of-sale system that can process credit cards. Pay how you want – credit, debit, cash, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Dispensary Features

Tracked and traced at every step

Budtender Features

Prioritize customers and cannabis