Point-of-sale, made for budtenders

Budtender Features

Breeze through checkout so you can focus on the customer

In-House Sales Training

No Stress PoS

Kanha is lightning fast and offers consistent, reliable, compliant sales. With 99.95% uptime, Kahna finally brings you a cloud you can depend on.

Kanha’s user-friendly interface is simple to learn and even easier to use. Less time training on new systems means budtenders have more time for customers and sales.

Kanha Dispensary works with existing point-of-sale hardware. Whether you run a PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, desktop or iOS PoS system, our dispensary software will work for you with no modifications. Add scanners and label printers to make staff super-efficient.

New Marketing Leaders
Kanha CMS

We are ready for you

Kanha Dispensary Does It All!

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

Built for Budtenders

Kanha CMS software gives budtenders the freedom to care


Scan-and-go transactions with credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Use Kanha across different dispensaries and PoS systems for seamless in-store and online transactions.

Customer Profiles

Kanha remembers customers’ past purchases and preferences. Budtender notes help customers get the care they deserve. Automatically remember and apply deals, rewards, and loyalty points.


Kanha automatically incorporates state purchase limits in every transaction – never oversell to a customer again. Seed-to-sale tracking to effortlessly view and manage inventory.

Dispensary Features

Seed-to-sale, seamless and streamlined software

Customer Features

Speed through check-in to let customers shop